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Ball & Tube Mystery, Brass


This Effect: This product is made possible to have it examined both before and after the effect. You show the brass tube and the steel ball, the ball is clearly too large to fit in the tube. However on your command the ball slowly sinks down into the tube. Now on your command the ball slowly rises back to the top of the tube. You now immediately hand out the props for examination. They will find nothing, and will not be able to get the ball to go into the tube, it won't fit. No there is no switching! Again, everything is able to be examined.



Ball & Vase


The Apparatus: This ball & vase was created for those who appreciate the best magic has to offer. Limited in production, these pieces are hand crafted in brass and 24k gold plated. This ball & vase tower stands three and one half inches tall. Again, this is very limited in production.



Block Escape                                                                                                                         $14.00

The Effect: A spectator thinks of two colors and those are only blocks that escape from the pin in the wood box...




Brass Cup & Balls


The Magic Makers Brass Cups & Balls are the best made for performers it's catagory of Magic. *The cups stack perfectly. *The balls are knitted with a solid core. *The balls rest 3 on the cup's top perfectly. *Each cup is extremely high polished. *Heavy feel with the optimum design. Try our cups for the best experience. 3 brass cups per set. Weight 4.25 oz each. Height 2.75 in, Mouth 2.65 in, Rim 2.9 in. 4 Perfect Knit Balls Included




Candy Vanishing


This Effect: A brass tube, lid and roll of candy are presented. The candy is placed into the brass tube with the lid covering. A spectator removes the lid to only learn the candy has vanished right before their very eyes!




Card Rise Box


The Effect: The Card Rise Box is not only a great conversation piece but also a mind blowing effect. A spectator selects any card from 52. The card is then returned to the deck. The deck is placed inside the "Magic Box". Then magically, the lid rises and the spectator's selected card begins to rise up out of the box! The Card Rise Box accommodates both bridge and poker size playing cards! Each Card Rise Box comes packed in a blue gift box for safe keeping.




China Mystery Square Circle Medium


The Apparatus: This old Chinese Trick is AMAZING! You show the tube and cage box to be empty. You even can see through the open area below the stand.Then, magically reach into the tube and pull out silks, balls, ect. Medium




Classic Time Machine


The Effect: This pocket watch does more than just tell time. Have a spectator announce any time of the day or night. Magically, the Classic Time Machine will display the spectator’s selected time, down to the minute! Inside this time piece is a self-contained engine that does all the work...





Color Deception


The Effect: Color Deception is considered one of the most visually stunning effects in close-up magic.. And, it truly defies detection. Two black and white brass poker chips ( the size of half dollars ) are shown front and back. Then the chips change to four different colors right before your eyes! All is then handed out for examination. The apparatus comes in a black presentation box. Color Deception is the finest of it's kind!




Dice Through Mirror


TheEffect: The performer shows a wallet with a small square in the middle. A mirror, attached to a ribbon is passed around for inspection, then inserted into the wallet. A die (singular for dice) is also inspected. The die is placed in the square in the wallet, then, bit by bit, it very slowly sinks until it completely penetrates the mirror and drops to the floor. The die and mirror are once more passed around for examination.




Disk Escape


The Effect: Five colored brass disks are displayed. The spectator is asked to flip the disks over and mix them up hiding the different colors. The spectator selects a disk and is asked to place all disks in the container. The container is sealed and a string is run through the center. Magically, the performer is able to make the selected disk escape from the string of disks and drop out of the chamber!




Magic Dwarf Bunnies


The Product: Magic Maker's Dwarf Bunnies are the pocket size solution for our famous "Hippity Hop Rabbits" The Effect: A black rabbit and a white rabbit are show with two green covers. The rabbits are said to be switching places, after a few switches back and forth the rabbits turn red & yellow!




Magic Linking Mints


Since the invention of the Chinese linking rings magicians have been magically linking things together. For this effect you take out a pack of mints from your pocket. Take two mints and make them link together! With our bonus improved method you can hand it out for examination! Plays big and packs small...




Magic Temple


The Product:An empty wooden temple is shown. With a tap on the roof, a silk or sponge ball appears inside instantly. The temple stands about 9 inches tall and displays great.




Money Maker


This Effect: A one dollar bill is placed into the tray. The blotter is then rolled over the bill, changing it into a $100 bill.... Bills/Money not included




Pea Can, Brass


A cork is removed from a small brass can and out onto the table drops a yellow pea, a black-eye pea, a green pea and a black pea. The spectator is asked to select one of the peas. The performer asks: "Would it be magic if the only thing that comes out is the pea you selected?" So, all of the peas are placed back into the can and sealed by the cork. The spectator begins to say out loud as instructed "I want my pea!" After the performer waves his or her hand over the can, the cork is removed and out into the spectator's hand is poured warm water (which is mistaken as pee by the spectator).




Peanut Butter & Jelly Trick


The Effect: A jar of peanut butter and a jar of jelly are displayed. A black cover is placed over each jar. Under the magician's (that's you) command the peanut butter and jelly switch places. The peanut butter and jelly continue to fool the audience of their location. Great for kid's parties and lots of fun with adults. This effect comes with illustrated step by step instructions. This product is compatible with most popular jelly brands off the shelf. BYOJ= "Bring Your Own Jelly..."





Perfect PENetration


The Product: The Perfect PENetration is an ordinary looking black pen with an amazing secret gimmick. The performance is simple and easy to do. First show the pen and a dollar bill. Then show the pen to penetrate the bill. Magically remove the pen from the bill leaving no holes! Now, hand both the pen and bill out for total examination! The Perfect PENetration is a great everyday common looking pen...




Psychic Color Sticks


 Product: You display 5 colored rods and a small metal tube with a lid. The metal tube is held in the left hand. Turning your body and head away from the tube you request that a spectator select one of the colorTheed sticks and place it in the tube. They are then asked to place the lid on the tube. They are also asked to HIDE the remaining sticks in a pocket or purse, etc. You turn back around. Concentrate for a moment and then HAND THE TUBE TO THE SPECTATOR TO HOLD. You stare at them and concentrate. Suddenly you tell them that the color they selected was ….. Well, whatever the color was that they selected!!! The Psychic Color Sticks is a wonderful newly crafted ‘old’ Mind Reading effect that has been unavailable for many years. The method is easy and fun to do and the effect is quite startling and mysterious. The Psychic Color Sticks come in a padded black presentation box...




Spellbinding Boxes


The Effect: The Spellbinding Boxes are a true marvel of magic. A spectator’s signed coin is placed under a handkerchief and then held by the spectator. The magician then removes a golden container from his pocket and it is placed in the spectator’s other hand. Now, with the handkerchief covering the signed coin in one hand, and the gold container in the other hand, the spectator is ready to be amazed! The magician then takes the handkerchief from the spectator revealing the coin has vanished. The spectator is then asked to open the gold container, revealing another sealed container inside! The inner container is opened to reveal another container inside, a third container. The third container is opened to reveal a 4th container inside. Now for the climax, inside the 4th container is the spectator’s signed coin…. The Spellbinding Boxes are hand made in brass with a high shine polish. Included with the apparatus is a special black handkerchief ready to perform this pocket miracle!




Sucker Die Box


This Effect: Experts call this a “Sucker Die Box”. The yellow dice/block is placed into the box. The doors and sides are opened to show it has vanished...Each unit comes with an extra block that can be used to “reappear” the vanished block.




The Fantastic Finger Chopper


Have your spectator put a finger into this wonderfully crafted mini wooden guillotine. * Watch their apprehension grow as you ask them, for safety reasons; "Are you right or left handed?" * Their apprehension will escalate to sheer panic as you slam your hand down on the top of the Fantastic Finger Chopper. * Enjoy the look of amazement from both your spectator and your audience, when his/her finger is still attached.




The Golden Key


The Effect:A gold key is held at the fingertips. The "teeth" are slowly moved around the shaft of the key, then just as mysteriously slid down the shaft. The "teeth" are moved all the way to the head of the key. The key is then handed out for examination and the "teeth" are clearly seen to be welded in the wrong place.




The Joker Tube


Our quality: Outstanding... The "Joker Tube" represents superior quality, attraction and outstanding magic! Searching for a magic trick that you can feel the magic just by looking at it? Here it is...Click Here For Large Picture The Effect: Three balls are placed into the empty clear tube with cover of the white tube. The white tube is removed and the balls have changed order! The balls are removed and then placed back into the clear tube with the cover of the white tube. Instead of the last ball going into the clear tube, it is placed in the red box. The red box is opened and the ball has vanished! The missing ball has reappeared in the clear tube! An Essential Item For Kid Magicians and Clowns! There many incredible effects you can do with this item! The tube and balls can be used as a stand alone magic show! The Grams-Gung-Ho Vanish Box is designed to vanish more than just a ball! You will quickly find that the "Joker Tube" has endless possibilities!




The Mandarin Mirror Box


The Product: Here is a beautiful piece of apparatus for producing and vanishing props such as silks, candy, even a small animal! The box is opened showing it is empty. After explaining the box has ancient Chinese markings that refer to its magical orientation, the box is given one full revolution. The top door is then opened and the performer makes objects appear! The Mandarin Mirror box comes in three colors and stands 5.5 inches tall by 5.5 inches in width. Watch the demo video to see this miracle in action...



Alexander Magic Poster                                                                                                     $18.00

The Man Who Knows .This poster stands 30” tall x 15” wide. Each poster is shipped in its own shipping tube.



Carter Beats The Devil                                                                                                       $18.00

The Poster/Window Card: Carter Wins! This vintage reproduction of the famous “Carter Beats The Devil” is near perfect to its original. Circa 1928, back then window cards were posted in theater lobbies to promote upcoming shows. This window card stands 14x22 inches & comes protected in a plastic bag.




Houdini King of Cards                                                                                                   $18.00

The Poster: Harry Houdini is the King of Cards. This poster stands 26” tall x 20” wide. Each poster is shipped in its own shipping tube.



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